Lia Hartwig, President  of Avaclear Pool Professionals

The Avaclear Story


My name is Lia Hartwig, the mother of an adorable 5-year old girl named Ava. It has been my personal ambition to own a succesful company, and the pool business seemed to be the perfect fit for sunny South Florida. I worked with Crystal Clear Pool Experts for over two years under the mentorship of the proprietor. Who has been in the business for almost a decade servicing residential and commercial pools in Palm Beach. I established Avaclear Pool Professionals three years ago, starting with only a few cherished clients. My business has flourished and we have become one of the most popular and trusted pool companies in Broward and Palm Beach counties. I have been fortunate to employ a large team of dedicated and hardworking technicians and contractors to provide my clients with outstanding service. My goal is to expand my business with new clients from all three counties, perfect my craft, and stay true to my slogan, “It’s Not Clear Until It’s Avaclear.”